Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Apple Trackpad | Change the Direction of the Scroll

I don't know about everyone else in this world but I grew up with my mouse always being oriented to the scroll bar on the right side of the browser window.  

With the old (non-scroll) mouse, you'd click and hold the scroll bar and drag it to the bottom.
With the advent of the scroll wheel, you were able to eliminate the extra step of grabbing the scroll bar and just be able to spin the wheel Up (to move the scroll bar up) or Down (to move the scroll bar down).

So when Apple release the trackpad, my mind stayed with this scrolling mindset.  Swipe up to move the scroll bar up.  Swipe down to move the scroll bar down.

But.  Then Apple had to go and change things.  With the release of OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, the default setting for the trackpad is to be oriented to the page instead of the scroll bar.  So now, when I swipe:
Down, the page goes down, in the direction of your finger swipe, so the you move toward the top of the page.  But the scroll bar goes up.
Up, the page goes up so that you continually move closer to the bottom of the page.  But the scroll bar moves down.


So to fix this, and return it back to the old-school scroll... Back to the mouse being oriented to the scroll bar and not the page, follow the steps below.

  • Go to “Settings
  • Choose “Trackpad

  • Scroll & Zoom” tab
  • Either Check or Uncheck the first option “Scroll direction: natural (Content Tracks finger movements)”

When the box is checked, the mouse is oriented to the page and not the scroll bar.

You must "Uncheck" the box named "Scroll Direction Natural" for the mouse to be oriented to the scroll bar.

Now everything should be as it was in the old days.

I find the Unchecked method more natural but it's all personal preference.

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