Wednesday, January 30, 2013

iPhone | iOS 6.1 | How to Enable/Disable Facebook Contacts in 'Contacts app'

This tutorial is a supplement to my youtube video.

If you are anything like me, then you do not like when your 1000 random Facebook friends invade your iOS address book (Contacts app).  Sure it's nice that 1000 people like me enough to friend me on Facebook, and sure I do know, or I am at least acquainted with every one of them from High School, College, or some sort of school... But since I will NEVER use my phone to contact these people, there is no need for them to be cluttering up my address book.

If you had the same experience that I did in trying to figure out how to remove them, you know that it is almost futile to try and just navigate through your phones settings and hope you stumble upon the answer.  And searching the internet is almost as tedious. But I have found the answer.  

In the tutorial below, I have detailed, step-by-step, how to remove all of those pesky Facebook contacts from your iOS Contacts app.

There are two methods by which to accomplish this purging of erroneous friends.  The first is a quick and easy fix.  And the second is a bit more involved.

Method #1: Turn off "Facebook Group" within Contacts app.

1. Open "Contacts App"

2. Click on "Groups"
3. Uncheck “All Facebook

All Facebook contacts are gone from “Contacts App” but the group remains.

Method #2: Turn off Facebook access to contacts completely

1. Settings

2. Facebook

3. Slide “Contacts” to “OFF

4. All Facebook contact are gone from “Contacts App” 
5. But you will also notice that the "Group" button is gone as well.

Now keep in mind that both of these methods are completely reversible by just going back and undoing what you did.

Be aware that when you go back into "Settings" to turn the "Facebook contacts" back on, it may take a minutes or two to get the Facebook friends to propagate to your "Contacts app"

If you are just re-checking the "Group" within "Contacts" it will be instantanious.

Happy iPhone-ing!

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